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In April 2017 in Windsor, England, Sensenova participated in its first meeting as a member of ESN-NETWORK. It was the 58th ESN-NETWORK meeting, the largest and most prominent association in Europe, of sensory companies as members and industry partners. ESN-NETWORK was established in 1989.

Sensenova had participated, as a guest, in the previous ESN-NETWORK meeting in October 2016 in the city of Wageningen, Holland.

Therefore, Sensenova is taking another step towards its international relationships. Sensenova joined ESN-NETWORK as a member after being submitted to a multiple-stage process, including an auditing visit by Dr. Claire Sulmont-Rossé, current CHAIR of the association, in March 2017, at the Sensenova headquarters in the Alphaville district in Barueri, state of São Paulo.

In this first effective event as an ESN-NETWORK member, Sensenova was represented by its Directors, Claudiney Neto, Rogerio Fernandes, and Alexandre Bergamo.

ESN-NETWORK holds two annual meetings, to which all members and industry partners are invited to share their knowledge and discuss the application of sensory science in product research. During the April meeting, Sensenova’s presentation covered a bit of the Brazilian history, its cultural background and diversity, as well as top-priority matters such as the political, economic and social situation in the country, challenges and opportunities, also the obstacles and achievements of developing a sensory-focused company like Sensenova.

According to the Sensenova Managing Director, Alexandre Bergamo, “Becoming an ESN-NETWORK member is a major milestone in the history of Sensenova, and brings us even closer, at a technical level, to more advanced markets. Brazil is really short of sensory science developments, which is why being a member of ESN-NETWORK builds an access bridge for easier knowledge and experience exchange”. He added, “Such membership will further help us drive sensory innovations and knowledge faster, which are already in place abroad”.

On the other hand, Mr. Bergamo says Sensenova also has know-how and experience to share with ESN-NETWORK, as the company has always made efforts to improve and increase effectiveness while developing cutting-edge projects in Brazil. “In addition to technical matters, Sensenova may contribute with the experience of a groundbreaking company in a country that offers limited opportunities of generating knowledge in its field, the sensory focus research” he said. He also emphasized there are many benefits of being a member of ESN-NETWORK, among which, becoming a reference in the Brazilian sensory market for the group of associates, and a potential step towards future business partnerships.

Customers from Sensenova may benefit from its stronger sensory knowledge and professional network by applying innovative solutions and methods to understand and develop their products and services.

European Sensory Network, ESN-NETWORK “The leading platform for collaboration on consumer & sensory science”

Established in 1989, the European Sensory Network was conceived to meet demands in the sensory analysis field that were quickly developing at that time in Europe. Today, the association has 29 members and 18 industrial partners of 17 European countries, and 04 members outside Europe, figures before the April 2017 meeting.

The association serves as an international networking platform for developing sensory sciences, offering consultancy about sensory methods, market research, sensory and consumption studies, data treatment and interpretation. Additionally, ESN-NETWORK often promotes international seminars and conferences, sharing, for example, updated methodology guidelines.

Please find more information about the European Sensory Network at: http://www.esn-network.com/about-us

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