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Dear Sensenova client, we are happy to inform you that we will be an exhibitor at the 12th edition of the Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium 2017. The most important sensory sciences event in the world is taking place August 20 to 24, in Providence, Rhode Island, in the USA. Held every two years, the event brings together the top companies in the sensory area around the world along with industries and established representatives from the international academic community.

This will be Sensenova’s second time at Pangborn as an exhibitor. The first was in 2015, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

It is with its clients in mind that Sensenova invests in international participation as an exhibitor and as a member of associations such as the ESN-NETWORK. We are therefore committed to the latest developments in sensory science as well as to the great relationship and partnership we have with various sensory companies around the world.

After exhibiting at Pangborn 2015 and Eurosense 2016, both held in Europe, now it is time for the USA, a country known for hosting major international fairs and producing great events. With the Pangborn 2017 expo taking place in North America, opportunities will surely come up to renew contacts with our current clients while also strengthening relations with new potential North American clients and partners, building new ties in a market that is always relevant in international terms.

Since its foundation, internationalization has been a priority for Sensenova. Given the difficulty of staying up-to-date on the sensory sciences in Brazil, a country that does not yet enjoy the same tradition as countries in Europe and the USA in the whole of the value chain of research with a sensory focus, Sensenova has been making investments to lead this local development.

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