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Sensenova attended the ESN-NETWORK meetings in Brussels.

Europe, April 2019, Brussels, capital of Belgium and headquarters of the European Parliament.

Sensenova, represented by its Managing Director, Alexandre Bergamo, took an active part in the meetings that marked the start of the new strategic planning cycle of ESN-NETWORK – European Sensory Network. This important initiative of the ESN coincides with the inauguration and beginning of the mandate of the newly elected Management Board of the association. The strategic challenges discussed included the visions, contributions and interests of the three main groups of members that constitute the ESN:

  • Industrial Partners: companies that apply the sensory sciences in the development and adjustments of their products;
  • Academia: universities that develop and apply methodologies of sensory sciences;
  • Research Companies, including Sensenova: deliver business solutions that contribute to decision making. To do this, they use the methodologies of the sensory sciences in several segments, highlights to consumer goods companies that produce food and beverages, home and personal care products.

Sensenova believes that there are many opportunities to increase the visibility of the achievable business results through the applications of sensory sciences. And this may be of interest to various audiences, especially decision makers and influencers who have not yet had contact with the relevance, assertiveness and applicability of these results.

ESN-NETWORK is a powerful international network of industrial partners and research institutions at the cutting edge of the sensory and consumer sciences. Currently, in addition to the European associates, six other countries are represented. Sensenova is the only Brazilian and Latin American entity to be part of this network.

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