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The Future of Sensory

Video Interview for ESN-NETWORK with Alexandre Bergamo, Sensenova and ESN member.

“In the end, sensory science is about improving happiness”, says Alexandre Bergamo, director of the Brazilian-based sensory research company Sensenova.

In this interview, he lets us in on his ideas why sensory science and sensory research are far from reaching their potential.

He points to the need to communicate the benefits of sensory research to those outside the research world, and asks how business leaders could learn about the benefits of sensory science.

From hospitals to call centers, from banks to artificial intelligence – in every area, the integration of sensory knowledge could lead to more wellbeing, more efficiency, and more customer

Alexandre concludes: “If sensory research could be added into almost any new development, sensory science could be the next wave to really impact people’s lives.”

Click below and watch the video that is available on ESN’s website:


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